In Form Vol.1 – Rough Edges with Maverick Lee

"In Form” is a triannual event that celebrates design, home, and the boundless creativity that emerges from the minds of both emerging and established designers. This event immerses visitors in a world of installations and experiences, providing a platform for designers to share their visions and inspire a community of design enthusiasts.

In our inaugural volume, we proudly feature Maverick Lee, a self-taught designer whose journey led him from the bustling streets of Singapore to the artistic haven of Bali, Indonesia almost three decades ago. Drawn by the island's creative energy and the wealth of raw materials available for experimentation, Lee has spent his years crafting visual and spatial connections through furniture.

Organic Forms

Lee's creations are a testament to the beauty of imperfection and the allure of raw, unrefined elements. His pieces hover around organic forms, celebrating the irregularities and rough edges that give each item a unique character. Recycled metal, natural stone, and wood are his chosen mediums, each carefully selected for its ability to tell a story and bring a touch of the intrinsic to any home.

Beyond Design

At In Form Vol.1,  visitors will have the opportunity to not only admire Lee's creations but also to delve into his universe. Through immersive installations  and engaging experiences, Lee shares the stories behind his most iconic pieces and the philosophy that underpins his work.

A Homecoming for Design Enthusiasts

For design enthusiasts, In Form is a homecoming — a space where appreciation for creativity and the art of design can flourish. It's a chance to connect with like-minded individuals, to be inspired by the visions of designers, and to gain insight into the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece.

Join Us at In Form Vol.1

We invite you to be a part of this event—a celebration of craft, design and culture. 

Event Details:

Open to Public [until 26 Jan 2024]

Location: Ong Cen Kuang, Jl. Panji No.11B, Dalung


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