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RIAK Keluarga Kecil Set - Biru

RIAK Keluarga Kecil Set - Biru

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RIAK: an artisanal collaboration between Jia by OCK and Kevala Ceramics. Fascinated by the richness of Asia's living and eating culture, RIAK delivers a range of crockery with strong oriental silhouettes. As every piece was glazed individually by the local artisans, the interpretation of each artist will be reflected in these one of a kind pieces. It is about capturing the flow of glazes and water together in harmony with the motion of the artisan’s hands.

1x Mangkok Sambal
1x Mangkok Nasi
1x Mangkok Rujak
1x Mangkok Lak-Lak
1x Mangkok Bakso
1x Mangkok Gudeg

1x Mangkok Opor
1x Piring Gado-Gado
1x Piring Nasi

Irregularities in finish may occur.
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