Terumbu Carpet: Harmonising Nature and Craftmanship

The design of Terumbu Carpet draws on the enchanting repetition of the coral reefs. Main material of recycled felt is responsibly used and sourced from Plastic Pay, an Indonesian based social platform that invites people to exchange plastic waste for points.

Each fragment is hand cut, rolled and then sewn to bring the intrinsic look to the otherwise refined finish. This process also brought to life the ideation of this design which is to agree in nature, creating something that features a connate sense of repetition and textural variation.

Designed by Budiman Ong, our Co-Founder and Creative Director, the intent of the piece is to showcase the beauty of handcraft and to provide a sustainable, durable, and visually appealing flooring option while reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental stewardship.

Environmental Considerations

In this project we work together with Plastic Pay, a company that use technology to recycle plastic waste in Indonesia, to source the main material.

By using technology to repurpose plastic waste and create eco-friendly solutions, they contributes to a circular economy and supports a more sustainable future for Indonesia and beyond. Plastic Pay also includes society in their movement. They create a an application and collection facilities for people, public and private sector to participate and collaborate in recycling activities to fulfil the sustainable goals.

Contribution to the Evolution of Design

By developing innovative material solutions made from recycled plastic waste, this project showcases the potential of sustainable materials in design and architecture. It highlights the importance of using environmentally friendly materials and encourages other designers and architects to explore sustainable alternatives in their projects.

We hope that this project challenges the design communities to think outside the box and explore new possibilities for materials and applications. The use of recycled plastic waste as a design element opens up opportunities for unique and visually striking creations, pushing the boundaries of contemporary design aesthetics.

Customisation Option

One advantage of handcrafted piece is the ability to create custom designs and sizes. Customers may have specific requirements for the dimensions and shape of the carpet, allowing for personalized solutions that fit their spaces perfectly. This customization feature adds a unique touch and allows for creativity in design.

Please kindly message us at +62 812-6688-5591 to enquire.

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